Bound by Shooting Stars

Title: Bound by Shooting Stars

Pairing: Nino/original character

Rating: G

Genre: slice of life

Summary: One peaceful night. Nino watching someone watch the night sky above.

"Yet she appeared as if a spell has befallen her as she strolled the grounds head held up, attention directed at nothing else but the night sky above."

Notes: somewhat inspired by real-life events


Head facing up, she was walking. 

A part of me wanted to hold a part of her, to guide her, to keep her from hitting something along her way as her forward vision was apparently impaired. Yet she appeared as if a spell has befallen her as she strolled the grounds head held up, attention directed at nothing else but the night sky above. 

By the white coat she was wearing and the stethoscope protruding from its pocket, I knew she was a doctor in this hospital. By the youthfulness of her features, I surmise that she was probably a resident doctor, a trainee, at times a slave. The workload of the likes of her was not unheard of, and for her to have some precious time to herself was almost like a gift. The least I could do, I felt, was to preserve that gift as I continued watching her, ready to call out in case she was about to hit something.

For a moment she stopped, still keeping her head up, and that was when I lifted my head up as well, curious as to what had been keeping her attention the entire time as my attention was on her. 

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The stranger, four tables away

Title: The stranger, four tables away

Pairing: Ohmiya (Nino POV)

Rating: G

Genre: romance? slice of life

Summary: In which Nino eats alone, and had interest in a stranger four tables away. 

Notes: Written in shameless present tense. Haven't written anything in a while. My style might have gotten a bit rusty. apologies


One of my friends has mentioned that it was his rule that as long as a restaurant has waiters or waitresses serving, he would not eat alone in such a place.

I live alone so it has been a common occurrence for me to eat alone as well. More often than not, I have no choice unless I let myself starve just to save my reputation from appearing to be a friendless pathetic human being. Besides, I don't mind what other people think anyway. It may be weird to other people but I happen to enjoy eating alone. The best part is watching people from other tables. Some people say that gathering in front of a table to eat is akin to a sacred ceremony. I say that watching this so-called ceremony is equal parts entertaining and endearing.

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Eye Contact
Title: Eye contact
Pairing: Nino/Ohno
Genre: fluff/Romance/Slice of life
Summary: Nino is a high school teacher and one student caught his attention as they made eye contact
Notes: This is written in Nino's POV and present tense. This is me trying to get myself back to creative writing once again..

I have always had a certain fascination with people-watching. It would be nice if one can earn money through it but sadly, the world we live in is not that generous. I have chosen teaching as a profession, and my uncanny ability in observing people and picking up cues has been put to use. My favorite moments are during examination season when I just sit down and do nothing, or rather watch each and every one of my students battling the exam questions. The furrowing of eyebrows, the blank stares out the window as if the answer lies somewhere in the courtyard, the frantic drumming of pencil tips against the wood of the desk, the annoyance of a seatmate at such a sound ruining his concentration, the calm demeanor of front-row students, the distinct curl-up of lips at a ridiculous bonus question, a smirk, a sigh, a cry of anguish when time is almost up - an array of emotions for me to feast on.

Unfortunately it's not examination season yet, but rather the first day of classes. I believe my colleagues view me as a cool, easy-going guy who can get along with just about anybody. I try to be. I try hard to be. In reality, putting up such a facade can be quite tricky, the trickiest of which is the first day of classes, in my opinion. High school students can be utterly unforgiving and judgmental with their snide comments and endless gossips. A teacher needs to look presentable, needs to find a balance between being meddlesome and lenient, needs to be approachable and respectable at the same time. I even had my friend and co-teacher Sho-kun coordinate an outfit for me last year. Let's just say that that didn't turn out as right as I wanted it to be. This time I have decided to keep it simple: a plain white shirt, navy blue blazer and pants, with the best pair of polished shoes I had in my closet.

The class is English literature. I have been teaching it for seven years now, yet I don't grow tired of it. The fresh insights of teenagers regarding certain literary pieces can be really interesting. Looking forward to these discussions makes me feel young again, although there are times when I am still mistaken as a student instead of a teacher because of my youthful glow. It can be quite a boon or a bane. A student has mistaken me for a classmate a handful of times so far.

And now here I am, standing outside of the door of the classroom, mentally preparing myself for the year to come. As I enter, everyone stood up as per protocol. I make a quick sweep around the room. A survey of everyone's faces reveals an interesting array of emotions: excitement, nervousness, boredom, nonchalance, and of course, swooning at the sight of my good looks with sparkles in their eyes.

I start my class with a poem by Pablo Neruda. Romance has always been a topic that can keep the majority of a teenager crowd interested, an ingenious way to break the ice and get everyone to loosen up. Hands are raised. Opinions are shared. The class is interactive just the way I have hoped it to be.

Suddenly and all at once, my eyes fall on a corner of the room and found a pair of eyes that made my heart race and my chest constrict for a moment. I haven't met him before yet I feel somewhat naked before him, figuratively of course. His gaze is not intense yet I feel as if he can see through my soul. He has a pair of chubby cheeks and chocolate color hair, without the usual aura of a high school student but rather a man of my generation who has gained wisdom with the passing of the years.

I divert my gaze at once. The apprehension that this human being can break down my walls is like a bucket of cold water dumped on me giving me shivers. I keep the discussion running, careful to avoid that certain corner of the room. I can feel his gaze maintained on me, which is expected of course, given that he is a student in my class. Or is he really? He can be an old man masquerading as a high school student for God knows what reason. A spy perhaps? A spy trying to blend with the students while investigating whatever it is he is investigating. It was a kind of disturbance different from horror movies with characters that give the creeps. It feels real at that moment, like once-in-a-million-years real. I may be teaching Japanese literature for a long time, tackling genres such as romance, but this is the first time that I realize what the climactic moment in a life of a protagonist vividly and colorfully described in books actually feels like. I may be exaggerating like I sometimes do. Perhaps I am but I cannot deny the fact that I have memorized his face after our less than a second eye contact. And those eyes have already made a distinct imprint in my mind - a truth that is quite unsettling. I struggle to lock these thoughts to a little corner at the back of my mind as I focus back on the current discussion which I am supposed to facilitate. I glance at my watch; five minutes until I am liberated from the spell he has unknowingly casted upon me. I try to hide my smile as a student shares her opinion regarding Pablo Neruda's biography, making it seem like I am impressed by her knowledge when in fact I am mulling ideas in my head.

Will I really be liberated from his spell by the time this class ends?

The bell rings, the students with a groan because my awesome class has come to an end, but of course that is just me getting ahead of myself, and me with a little victory dance in my head. The little twitching in my chest and the persistent thought in my mind regarding a certain person, almost like a paranoia, will finally come to an end.

The students start to scramble out, their bags on tow, their voices being drowned out by my single-minded determination to pack up my materials and dash out in record time.

In the middle of everything, I hear an unfamiliar voice that was able to pierce through my focus with ease. It was soft and friendly, a mixture of seriousness and playfulness if there was such a thing.

"Sensei," he said.

I looked up and found the same pair of eyes I have been trying to avoid. And in that moment, everything happens all over again. The class has ended but my intuition is right. I am not liberated from your spell. It has just begun.

Title: Confidant
Genre: slice of life, a little R for some themes
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sho/Nino
Summary: In which Nino is a patient and Sho is the doctor
This is written from Nino's POV.

Note: This is a drabble, a short one.. and perhaps I'll get inspiration in the future to write a continuation in Sho's POV :)
or maybe not.. I'd also like to throw this out to anyone who would be interested in writing a continuation.


He came in clad in white. There was grace and poise in the way he introduced himself as my attending physician. I surmised by his facial features that he was barely older than me and yet there was such a wide gap of respectability between us. The neatness of his white coat, the elegance of the black stethoscope dangling around his neck, and the smoothness of his strokes as he wrote my details on his clipboard were enough for me to cower in embarrassment from my lack of self-worth. And yet when he sat in front of me, offering me a gentle smile to calm me down, I felt we were equals. Perhaps it was an acquired talent of his given his profession: to make other people comfortable in his presence.

He was Sakurai-sensei, he said. He will be examining me now, he said. As his hand rested on my cheek to check my conjunctiva, there was a certain kind of warmth. It was warmth akin to the feeling of coming home, warmth that could dispel every degrading and self deprecating thought brewing in my head for weeks now. It was human touch I wasn't used to experience.

As he held the back of my hand and inspected the jagged cuts on my wrist, not an ounce of judgment was transmitted. Rather, he seemed sorrowful that such things indeed happen to people.

He cleaned the wound and wrapped it in gauze, quietly, without asking me the circumstance, the reason, the trigger. Shouldn't doctors elicit such history from their patients? Shouldn't he be more careful?

But I guess he was not the usual doctor. There was a tremble in his hands as he finished securing the gauze against my wrist, and that alone was enough to reinforce my instinct telling me that I could trust this guy.

As he sat back on his chair to clean up the stuff he used to dress my wounds, I settled my gaze on the pile of patient's records on the side of his table. I became acutely aware then of the subtle noises outside permeating through the door - the queue waiting to be seen by the doctor in front of me who was patiently attending to me without prying too much. I didn't want to keep him from his job. It was already late in the afternoon and by the looks of it, he would end up reaching home late if I keep him any further.

But I wanted to be selfish. Just this once I wanted to be selfish.

He faced me again with the same smile from earlier.

"Can I tell you my story, sensei?"

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It was just there all along
Title: It was just there all along
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Pairing: Nino/Aiba
Summary: Nino observed Aiba's frantic search for something.
This is written from Nino's POV.

Note: I think this is a drabble. After all this time, I'm not sure about the difference between a drabble and a oneshot. But this is a short one.
Another entry for arashirabu's
a kiss and all was said - 2015 challenge.


He was at it again: frantically searching his pockets for something apparently important, digging through the trash bin that was his bag, lifting every single piece of magazine or script on the table and shaking them hoping for something to fall out, and crouching down to search under the couches. Every movement was exuding panic, what with his gangly limbs and bouncy yet-to-be-styled hair. The funny thing was that he was usually loud when it came to random pointless things but when he was in a frenzied search for something, he was uncharacteristically quiet. It was creepy and ominous when I first noticed this, but I got used to it as the years passed.  Ohno was even noisier in such occasions, punctuated by curses here and there, and that is saying something.

It was a usual occurrence when it came to Aiba, scatter-brained that he is. Eyeglasses that were hanging on the V-neck of his shirt the whole time, remote control that was stuffed between the cushions of the couch, a cell phone that was tucked in the middle of a pile of magazines (would have been an easy hunt if the said phone was not on silent mode), and lot of other little things.

I observed him for a good ten minutes this time before I decided to be the good friend that I am and intervene. "Aiba-chan, what are you looking for?"

He was, at that time, crouched down and crawling to search every nook and cranny under the couches. He didn't hear me, apparently, and I almost envied his single-minded focus.

After a while, he just sat down, still unconsciously ignoring me and still not bothering to ask for help, and returned to the script he was memorizing, armed with a face of calmness and focus, as if the frantic search was a thing of the past.

Never mind. I don't need it yet anyway.

He was confident that it was just there, that he would eventually find what he was searching for. That the moment you stop searching was the moment you let the universe take over and bring it back to you. And you would give a tiny laugh, a mixture of relief and satisfaction; it was just there all along.

I knew this was his philosophy when it came to missing things. He told me, or rather I asked him after possibly the hundredth time I witnessed him searching for something.

"Aiba-chan," I called out once again, approaching him this time to make sure he noticed me. I didn't ask what he was looking for. Somehow, I didn't need to. There was one place he didn’t search at after all, and it was sticking out like a sore thumb.

"Hmmm?" He asked as he closed the script and looked at me expectantly. My envy for his single-minded focus was gone, but rather I was even thankful for it.
I approached closer until our faces were a few inches apart. His eyes were calm, without a trace of the earlier panic. His breathing was even. I should know; I could feel it in my face.

Without warning, I laid my lips on his as I touched the top of his head to bring the sunglasses down on his eyes just as I broke the kiss. In retrospect, it was a stupid move. I would have wanted to see the twinkle in his eyes.

But then he gave a tiny laugh, and it was all the reassurance I needed.

It was just there all along.

I was just there all along.

You say it best
Title: You say it best
Genre: fluff, friendship
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohno/Sho
Summary: It wasn't the best of mornings for Nino, who was harboring annoyance and jealousy for Aiba. Sho knew just what to say. As seen through Ohno's eyes

Note: written for arashirabu's a kiss and all was said - 2015 challenge.


It wasn't the best of mornings.

I woke up later than I intended, causing a series of unfortunate events ranging from mistaking salt for sugar, mouth-spraying coffee on my white shirt, turning my apartment upside down in the hunt for my keys, not to mention the cold treatment from my manager for the unanticipated one hour delay in the schedule, and forgetting my freshly bought fishing magazine in the early morning (or should I say late morning) rush. I was even completely counting on that magazine to keep me sane throughout the day.

It wasn't my best of mornings and I entered the greenroom to find that I wasn't alone in the grumpy morning affair. Misery indeed loves company.

Nino was at the end of the couch, one foot tucked under the other thigh, hitting the buttons of his DS with a magnificent scowl on his face. One would think the monsters (or was it zombies? He had been switching games quite often lately) he was fighting would scurry away from the expression he was sporting.

Jun had his sunglasses on, a far cry from a fashion statement, really. I just knew that his morning sickness was acting up. I called it morning sickness in my head - his apparent distaste for early morning affairs. I would have gotten him a cup of coffee if he wasn't already holding one.

None of them even lifted their head to greet 'Good morning,' not that I was offended. Just curious.

I found Sho at one corner reading his usual morning paper with pursed lips, with eyebrows scrunched at the slightest. It could be from a pressing national issue he was reading. It could also be from the dark mood permeating around the room. Masaki was usually the one with an icebreaker or two, but just when I was wondering where he was, Nino's ring tone sounded. Incessantly.

He threw a scornful glare worthy of a best actor award at the offensive gadget lying a foot away from where he was sitting. Yet he didn't pick it up. He merely proceeded with his virtual killing spree, with a little more passion than earlier.

Not even a minute later, the ring tone sounded again.

"Oi, just put it on silent mode, will you?" Jun growled as he held his forehead with the other hand that wasn’t holding the cup of coffee, as if nursing a terrible hangover.

"Oh, shut up, princess," Nino spat in annoyance. "It's just another message from Aiba anyway. Saying that they were on the way to the set. That she seemed to be enjoying the little quirky restaurant that they stumbled upon. That they were eating this and that. Why does he even carry his cell phone while shooting? That's being rude to the staff! That's just inappropriate," Nino ranted with a majestic upward rolling of eyeballs.

Oh. Right. Takeuchi Yuko.

It was indeed a strange choice for the staff to have Aiba accompany her in a segment when the whole nation (well, those who were in the fan club, at least) knew that Nino was a huge fan of the actress. No wonder a scowl was a permanent fixture on his face that morning.

Jun didn't even grace him with a reply as he seemed to be keen on evading anything that had the potential of contributing to his growing headache.

Nino finally picked up the phone and checked the message. "Nino-chaaaaan! I wish you were here!" He mimicked Aiba's hoarse-from-excitement voice, and then threw the phone back on the couch. "See? Pathetic," he muttered, then returned to his monster massacre.

"Nino," Sho brought down the newspaper he was holding and turned his chair to face Nino directly. "You know that he's just excited, right? He's not being arrogant, trying to make you jealous. He just wanted you to somehow experience firsthand what he was privileged to experience. And that he would give anything to have you on his place instead. You know that, right?" Sho said calmly.

Without looking up from his DS, Nino merely pouted his usual pout, and that was enough. And I knew that Sho knew that it was enough.

Jun removed his sunglasses and did a little stretching exercise. His lips had a slight upturn and his expression seemed clearer. Sho's words seemed to have a soothing effect on him as well. Or perhaps he was just assured that he wouldn't have to deal with a bratty Nino for the rest of the morning.

Sho returned to his newspaper at the same time an assistant knocked on the door calling on Nino and Jun for the scheduled magazine interview.

It was quiet - the peaceful kind of quiet worthy of sunny mornings. Sho was able to turn the gloomy atmosphere into a calm one with just a few words. He was indeed the mother hen of the group - he was practically the leader, unlike me who does nothing leader-like. Yet he never shoved it in my face that I didn't deserve the title. He even gave me his good old version of scolding when I opened up to him regarding my insecurities and inferiority issues.  His calm way of pointing out the obvious could somehow drill the message into your head. It was his version of magic, and it left me captivated and intrigued.

Overcome with gratitude and appreciation, I walked towards Sho and planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Satoshi-kun," he muttered inquisitively as he faced me directly. He was startled but he didn't seem to be bothered; it wasn't the first time after all.

"Thank you," I said but that didn't seem to erase the confusion on his face. "I don't know how Arashi will function without you," I added. His eyes drifted, as if pondering and trying to figure out what I just said, as well as the suddenness of it. For someone who graduated from Keio, he was terribly slow on the uptake sometimes. Or perhaps he just didn't realize how his little motherly actions bring a huge impact to the rest of us.

My ringtone sounded and I checked the message briefly, with an inkling of who it was from. "Duty calls," I said as a form of goodbye, and picked up my bag before going straight to the door.

Just when I was about to leave, I looked back and witnessed that adorable moment when his eyes suddenly lit up, and somehow I knew that he finally understood what I was trying to say earlier.

He threw me a goofy grin, and I almost ran back and gave him another kiss. Almost.

Cosmic burn
Title: Cosmic burn
Genre: slice of life, fluff, friendship
Rating: G
Pairing: Sakurai Masaki x Ninomiya Kazunari (yes you got that right, a mixture of Aiba's personality and Sho's fashion sense)
A marketing director on the way to his lunch meal meets bored company doctor looking for excitement. Cosmic forces in the form of hot coffee.


It was a quiet day at work, which was not quite unusual in fact, given that most days were marked by paper works, medical certificates of employees who abuse the ever infamous flu as the cause of their absence, paper works, an office lady or two complaining about a headache along with the demands of their boss as well as their husbands, and more paper works.

He studied at the premiere medical school in Japan on a scholarship, and trained at the most well-renowned tertiary hospital in Tokyo. Coming from a middle class family, he had a vision of helping with the expenses as a full-time doctor while handling rare, exciting cases in the hospital. He was at the prime of his life with a thirst for adventure and hunger for knowledge.

Yet in the unpredictable way fate manipulates people's lives, several events occurred at once, almost as if a recipe for the perfect scenario. His father had his eyes on a promotion, willing to do almost anything to play by his boss' good side. An administrative order was issued by the government stating that companies with at least a certain number of employees should employ a doctor to oversee their health. And Sakurai Masaki had just acquired his license as a doctor.

The cosmic forces brought him there at Storm Inc. as a company doctor, in a little office with a view of a godforsaken garden marked with wilting flowers and grimy pots.

He almost wanted to be a gardener instead.


The noontime bus ride was the most remarkable part of the week for him. It was usually scheduled on a Wednesday, when there were no conferences or meetings to attend, and no endless papers to stress over. The slow and easy pace at the office allowed him the leisure to go out for lunch at his favorite convenience store downtown. More than the savory taste (and the cheap price) of their 'bestseller' hamburger, he took pleasure in the absence of people who knew him.

Their company was gracious enough to provide the higher-ups with a monthly free ticket pass in the bus so he basically had no out of pocket expenses in this little whim of his. He would argue that it was not a whim, it being his coping mechanism to stay sane. Besides, it would be a pity not to utilize something that the company has already paid for.

He was Ninomiya Kazunari (more commonly known to friends as Nino), the manager of the marketing department of Storm Inc.

He sat at the left side, fourth row from the front with a seat beside the window. It was his favorite seat because of the good view of the outside world and the ease of movement in and out of the bus. Somehow, having that seat open for him to take made him feel that good things were bound to happen that day.

However, again, in the unpredictable way fate manipulates people's lives, several things happened in a moment in quick succession. Opening the lid of his cup of cafe americano made especially hot for him by the clerk at the ground floor convenience store of their company building, he drew satisfaction from the way the steam swirled above the surface of the dark liquid almost as if teasing him to indulge. At the same time, a bouncy kid who somehow reminded him of his best friend swept past him, hitting his elbow protruding towards the aisle, and in turn tipping his cup off balance and spilling its contents directly on the right thigh are of his black slacks. Despite taking pride in his brilliant reflexes, Nino wasn't able to respond as quickly as he wanted.

A gasp came from the other side of the aisle. He was certain the gasp did not come from him since he was in a daze amidst the painful heat at his thigh.

"Take off your pants!" A voice came from the other side of the aisle. The tone was, indeed, marked by reason and authority, but upon closer inspection, the man was wearing a gray parka on another gray parka, checkered pink pants and a pink helmet inside the bus. Inside the bus. Nino's impression of the man took a hundred and eighty degree turn. The voice and the appearance were strikingly opposite.

"Just take off your pants now! Come on!" The person was looming over him by the second.

Never in his life has he been asked to strip off his pants with several people as audience. Granted, there was no note of malice or perversion in the tone of the man’s voice, and the situation was far from inciting eroticism from anyone, yet Nino was stunned by such a demand.

All he wanted was to have a peaceful date with his hamburger!

"Just take it off, damn it! It could get worse if you leave your hot pants in contact with your skin!" The man said throwing his outer parka at Nino for cover as he began to reach for the button and zipper on Nino's pants. Did he just say 'hot pants'? Nino thought. He was brought back to his senses only when his assailant managed to unzip his pants.

"Whoa! Whoa! What do you think you're doing?" Nino forcefully swatted the guy's hand away. By then, every head inside the bus was turned to them by the ruckus they were causing.

"The burn wound can get deeper if you keep your pants on. Just take it off! Trust me, I’m a doctor!" Nino was about to make a cheeky retort demanding who in their right mind would believe that the man was a doctor, but they were already being ushered out by the driver of the bus.

They alighted at the nearest stop, Nino on his suit and a parka that acted as a makeshift skirt to cover his lower regions, and the doctor one gray parka less with black pants hanging above his shoulders, supporting his patient.

Nino thought he heard a collective sigh of relief from the crowd at the bus before they left, but he dismissed it as a figment of his imagination. Perhaps he was also imagining this bizarre situation with the persistent self-proclaimed doctor.

The taxi ride was a blur. What with the stinging pain in his thigh, the frustration of missing out on his weekly tradition, the noticeable rumbling of his stomach, and the company of a strange man who was shockingly a doctor with a distinct style, his energy was drained and he simply surrendered to a momentary slumber only to be awaken by a persistent nudging and an urgent call of "We're here!"

As Nino was assisted out of the taxi and into broad daylight, he realized that he was exactly where he came from. He was back at the company building where he works at. A few meters away to his left was the convenience store where he bought his cafe americano. A few meters away to his right was the bus stop. It was like a trip down recent memory lane, only he didn't have time for nostalgia since he was already unceremoniously being picked up by the security guard, balancing his waist on the broad shoulder of the muscular guard, with the self-proclaimed doctor in tow giving off instructions.

Before he had time to be embarrassed at the ninety-nine percent probability that everyone at the lobby saw his gray parka makeshift skirt riding up the back of his thighs, he was already being deposited on a bed at what seemed to be an examining room.

It was quiet. There was no audience to see the head of the marketing department make a fool of himself. It somehow felt reassuring. However, upon the sight of the curtain designed with red and green swirls, a steady throbbing on both sides of his head was triggered. Could he perhaps be excused for the day? All he wanted was to curl into a ball with eyes closed to diminish his sensory overload.

There was a singular muttering and the clanks of metal lids from the other side of the curtain. Nino sighed. At least his audience was diminished to one - one crazy obnoxious self-proclaimed doctor. Nino wasn't sure if he should be relieved by that fact, knowing that this man marked the start of the series of unfortunate events of that day. Checking his wristwatch, it was only half past twelve. He bitterly laughed at how a lot of bizarre things can happen in a mere half an hour.

Funny. All he actually wanted was to have a peaceful date with his hamburger. Was that too much to ask?

The doctor peeked through the gap between the curtains and walked in, carrying a tray with a variety of medical supplies, and wearing an eager grin. Thankfully, he had taken off his pink helmet.


All he wanted was a trip to the animal shop preferably dressed as a commoner and not as a doctor. He had read in one of his animal magazines that animals can get jumpy at the sight of white, such as pristine coats worn by doctors or scientists. He chose gray which was a more earthly color, and wore his favorite pink checkered pants because real animal lovers wear pink. And since the coolness of the autumn was starting to get too much for him upon walking a few steps away from the building, he went back to retrieve another parka – another gray one.

It was lucky indeed that he did. For how would he be able to rescue the poor man from getting a second or even a third degree burn from his steaming coffee? Just the sight of the open cup and the swirling steam inside a bus triggered warning bells in the doctor's mind. The approach of the bouncy kid heightened his alarm.

Sakurai Masaki trained in a tertiary hospital. He knew how to manage a burn wound like the back of his hand, yet the patient was being difficult, reluctant to remove his pants. Shouldn't it be common sense that the more you keep the cloth in contact with your skin, the worse the burn could get? Apparently, common sense was not so common anymore, he tsked.

He felt like it was fate that he was on board that bus - that there was this cosmic power that drove him to return to the building, retrieve the parka, postpone his trip to be on the exact same bus ride as the man that he should help. There was no other explanation!

He was practically smiling like an idiot as he cleaned the wound with sterile gauze and an abundance of fluids, applying a layer of white ointment in the affected area and covering it with rolled gauze, finishing the process with a knot shaped like bunny ears.

"It was a good thing that you agreed to strip your pants, you know? It could get worse than this," the doctor said as he was rearranging the materials he used. He just really wanted to emphasize his point and spread that simple and basic concept to the general public.

"I think if you were so concerned, you could have brought me to a hospital, you know,” Nino said as he stood up and made a move to put on his pants.

"Oh. Right." Doctor Sakurai Masaki hadn’t actually considered that idea, his mind full of finally having an interesting patient, and him equipped with the skill and the materials to effectively manage the case. He had a week long stint in the Burn Unit of the most well-renowned tertiary hospital in the country, for crying out loud.

“And I think I can use my position and have a sexual harassment case filed against you,” Nino said with a smirk, his pants in their rightful place. It was only then that the doctor noticed the ID hanging on his patient’s neck.

“B-but I was only trying to help!” The doctor was almost flailing by this time. He had to explain. What would it look like in his resume if it was indicated next to his first job that he was fired due to sexual harassment. Besides, would that entail going to prison? That would totally ruin his career! Was this guy trying to blackmail him in exchange for favors? Would he sacrifice his dignity just to keep his reputation intact? The doctor was already in a state of panic and despair when his patient cut in. "But I guess it would be a pity not to make use of the company's supply of gauze and ointments." Nino said as he motioned to leave.
The doctor simply stood at his place, stunned. “Does that mean I’m not fired?”

Nino chuckled at the doctor’s thought process. A threat of a sexual harassment case escalated to getting fired.

“No. My retraction of the case being a form of thank you for taking care of my wound, with bunny ears and all,” Nino said with a genuine smile. He was absently fiddling with the knot as he spoke.


“And I’ll remind the company’s gardener to liven up your view by the window,” Nino offered before he closed the door and left.

“Thank you, Nino-chan!” He called out to the closed door.


There were more amazing prospects on the ground floor
Title: There were more amazing prospects on the ground floor
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Genre: slice of life, mild fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: On the way to an elevator ride, Ohno was complimented, which left him wondering.


He was not used to dressing up. It was, for him, an extraordinary feat that he would like to leave to models and fashion icons - an entirely different league from his own.

He had two rules when it came to his outfits: comfort and convenience, which was why his favorite was a pair of comfortable shirt and jeans. He dressed up nicely only once, and by nicely, it meant something smart and decent. It was a favor for his sister on her wedding day. And even being in the special position of a sister still took quite a lot of charming and pleading on her part for him to give in.

That morning, however, there was a nagging voice on his head that was playing on repeat, "Please, just this once, please dress well." It was an order from his boss for Ohno to meet a very important client on his behalf. The phrase ‘a very important client’ was reiterated countless times he could almost mimic his boss’ expression and tone when he said it, though of course he wouldn’t display his imitation act with the boss in sight lest he be apprehended.

He was a divorce lawyer’s assistant. He had seen and heard a variety of nasty stuff uttered and done by husbands and wives, and even third parties at that. All the anger, scorn and hurt was quite emotionally draining even for a professional like him, despite still being in the early years of his training.

Luckily, he was eventually learning the art of spacing out as couples bicker here and there, and only really started intervening when the two already started throwing things at each other - things that belonged to his work space like the sculptures that he meticulously crafted to infuse some personality into his office.

It was not a happy sight. The fact that he was headed to ‘a very important client’ who was about to get divorced left him with a weary air hanging over him. In his dictionary, ‘a very important client’ can be translated to ‘impossibly demanding, damn it! Push some sense into this guy’s head and get me out of here!’ Add the inescapable fact that he was wearing a stuffy suit with a necktie that took him half an hour of agony to figure out, he was in a foul grumpy mood – that kind that no one dared approach.

Holding a slip of paper with a written address, he found out that his client was living in a posh condominium. He felt fake in his suit along with the fake classy lives these people were living. He regretted not wearing his usual simple outfit to slap into these people’s faces that not everything is about the material things one possessed. Standing in front of the elevator doors waiting for it to reach the ground floor, he mindlessly stared at his shoes – sneakers, as if an act of defiance after being forced to wear a formal suit. He was never keen on conformity.

"You look very attractive." It was a vague pronouncement from afar as if overhearing someone complimenting someone else. It was none of his concern – just the product of coexisting with other human beings in the same cramped space such as a posh condominium’s lobby. Besides, it must be the custom in the upper class of society to throw fake compliments at each other to be polite. He looked up; two more floors until it reached the ground.

He was glad he was alone in the elevator. He didn’t want to deal with having to hear the conversations of people about the jewelry they bought or the foreign places they travelled to. He pressed the number 17, eager to finish the job at the earliest possible time and leave. The place was stuffier than his slovenly apartment, he thought.

Just as the doors were about to close, a hand was suddenly resting on one side of the door.

"You look very attractive." He heard it again, this time clearer and more personal, as if stressing that the space between them was an indication that the words were actually, truthfully, directed to him.

Ohno slightly looked up, his eyes resting on the ragged name plate worn against a faded uniform. He looked at the intruder’s eyes searchingly, harnessing the lawyer in him as if the guy before him was the mistress of the accused.

A waver. He waited for a waver in the smile, for a shift in the crinkle of the eyes, for a faint upturn of the nose, some sign of mockery or jest – anything that would clinch the make or break question that this guy was simply making fun of him - yet there was none.

There was nothing but sincerity and confidence in the way the guy carried himself, and Ohno almost felt small in his presence, yet at the same time feeling protected and secure. He kept his head down as if receiving a compliment was worth an apology, standing still, waiting for the stranger to leave him in peace.

As the hand blocking the door rested and the doors smoothly closed, Ohno looked up and saw his face reflected on the shiny metal of the elevator door as it brought him up. He found himself positively beaming.

With someone's name on his lips – someone who was not quite a stranger anymore, - he walked through the halls of seventeenth floor, keen on finishing the interview soon, knowing that there were more amazing prospects at the ground floor.

‘Ninomiya Kazunari, huh?’ he mumbled as he stood in front of room 6 of the seventeenth floor. He knocked. Looking at his watch, it indicated 8 A.M.

‘I was given a lunch break, right?’ Ohno thought. He was required to return only after lunch. He had enough time.

Before the very important client opened the door, his last thought was, ‘Do condominium receptionists have lunch breaks too?’


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inspired by an AnS episode I watched where Nino said that he likes snow.. ^_^

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